mugabeeRight. TV is rubbish yeah?

Firstly, you can’t watch a live game of footy without paying for the privilege on Foxtel; and secondly, the networks have figured out that actors charge a lot more than retards direct from the street, spawning the eminently crap genre of ‘reality’ TV.

I must concede there is choice in dramatic viewing, but it’s only between groups of different detectives and prosecutors in the New York Police Department solving what appears to be the same crime, week in, week out. All in all, not much to get excited about really.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Ghosts of Politicians Past

Big PictureThey fill our airwaves and our letterboxes with their constant plaintive cries for our love.

They do their best to run our lives while telling us they’re offering us choice and protecting us. They engineer scare campaigns, dog-whistle, divide and conquer, censor, hide, prevaricate and lie. For a while, if they’re lucky enough or they play the perfect game at the perfect time, they actually get to run the show for a while.

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